Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am here 2014...

                              Welcome to my blog. :)

It's been a ride since my last post!! I went to the Philippines and had a wonderful experience with my 
dad his wife and their kids! I got to spend some quality time with them!! Unfortunately my dad got 
his 2nd stroke on the 2nd month that I was there. It made me closer to him, I got to take care of him
 while he was ill and it brought me and the whole family together! 

This is my wonderful family. I love them with all my heart!  
They made my trip worth it and I am grateful for all of that!
They changed me into a man!
I had to face some of my responsibility in 2013! 
It was a wake up call, now I am back on track on doing the 
things that I am suppose to be doing!

Last year also made me see the kind of people who are in my life in a more clear way! 
So the universe sort of set me up into releasing a few people in my life that don't appreciate me and 
and just don't vibe with me. 
 Life is like your canvas, you can paint it with any colour of your choosing. 
And I am ready to splatter some rainbow in it!!

So here I am 2014! I am ready!! 

I am excited and ready! I will travel, share, allow, love and laugh more this year!



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