Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Party at the Integral house!

Jim Stuart, does an annual drag party during Halloween at his fabulous house "the Allegra house". It's a famous house in Toronto. It was my first time attending and I had a splendid time. Everyone was so fun and free about it all. I went as a French Socialite, my friend Ken was a mixture of Lady Gaga, Naomi C. and Grace Jones. She went with the name Lady Naomi Jones, fierce no? My friend Thien went as fierce, edgy lady! We all had so much fun dressing up as girls that we're thinking of doing it more often! It was really fun, it gives you such a different feeling!

This was a random shot, when me and Ken we're waiting to get our make up done, white Tom gets his. I thought it was fun to watch. 3 girls getting ready for a fabulous night! =)

This was when Thien recorded from the Guest room to where the guests were. This was towards the end of the party, people were waiting for their ride. =)

Halloween 20100
"french socialite"

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